Principal's Message

Ms. Anupama Grover  

Professionally qualified for imparting education and with a Masters in Economics, Ms. Anupama Grover has 27 years of vast experience in teaching. As an ambitious educator and a keen learner, she has always strived to contribute to the society by enriching the young minds of the youth with lifelong values and ethics. She firmly believes that being a part of education fraternity, it is crucial to nurture and develop every learner to prepare them for life, and she endeavors to deliver that.

Principal’s Message

An effective education serves as a foundation for lifelong success. Formal education facilitates learning of knowledge, skills, and values which frame our interaction with the world throughout our lives. At Nehru International Public School, we strive to provide the best education possible to our students. We cultivate a nurturing environment which bloomstheir inner creative potential. Weprovide them with access to new ideas, encourage them to think rationally, and assist in developing the critical skills needed to become independent and confident individuals.At NIPS, we empower our students to grow as individualswith open, discerning minds and be resilient and successful in theface of life’s challenges.

A disciplined approach to any endeavour is critical for success. It is a key element in the development of a child’s personality, and arms them to face any challenge, big or small. At NIPS, we encourage our students to practice discipline in their studies and their extra-curricular interests. We provide them a safe environment where they feel comfortable exploring new opportunities to grow, making mistakes, and learning from them to avoid them in the future. By doing so, we train to them to be disciplined learners beyond their time in the school.

An education is incomplete without being firmly grounded in morals and ethic. Particularly in a nation where our rich traditions and core values are deeply rooted, teaching our morals and ethics is absolutely important. At NIPS, we provide “Modern Education on Ethical Foundation’. We teach ourstudents to realize their dreams in this era of modernization while simultaneously carrying forward the legacy of traditions.

At NIPS, our students are our priority and we will continue to give the best of everything to our future generation with the continuous support of parents and the dedicated faculty members.

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