Nips Nestling

Our Facilities

Care & Development

  • Care and development of each child with childcentric education.
  • Mother teacher to provide emotional stability.
  • Identification of the area of interest and nurturing it accordingly.

Teaching Methodology

  • Making learning an enjoyable experience through creative fun.
  • Circle time activities.
  • Magic wand activities.
  • Theme based learning (TBL) – a highly successful progressive learning model.

Events& Celebrations

  • Young writer's day
  • Earth day
  • Friendship day
  • International literacy day
  • Mother's day
  • Family day

Parent 's Corner

  • Be your child's mentor.
  • Nurture questioning.
  • Never criticize and compare your child.
  • Stay away from nagging , punishment or material rewards (A kiss or a hug can do the work.


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